The Cornish coast is the starting point for my landscapes which are only loosely based on definite locations. Working from sketches and photographs, I endeavour to create a window on an imaginary coastal space. The absence of obvious landmarks and identifiable features enables the images to exist as timeless, dreamlike expanses where sea meets land, inviting the viewer into a restorative space and opportunity for reflection in calm solitude.


Even though the beach usually constitutes the largest area in my paintings, I consider them more as seascapes than landscapes, as the central aspect to all of my images is the action and nature of the sea: both as a symbol for the passage of time and agent of change, and also as an icon for tranquillity and emotional depth, all of which is resonant with the ebb and flow of everyday human life. In a way, my painting process mimics the sea in this respect - I like to use gestural marks and loose brushwork to engage the viewer and charge the composition with movement and dynamism, whilst still maintaining balance, building up the paint and alternating transparent and opaque layers, dripping, washing, splashing, allowing it to take its own fluid course and give the image a life of its own.



My experience of the landscape is the source of my work. I aim to describe a space, what it is to move through, round, over a landscape, touching and being touched by the elements. My painting is to try and understand this vast thing of which we are a part, where spectator becomes an active participant in my reaction to place.


Through gesture and colour I describe the elements and the physical encounters they create; the tug of the brushstrokes becoming currents and waves, the fall of the paint reflecting the weight and history of the land beneath us. The making of the paintings echoes a sense of nature as process and it is through these captured moments that I hope to stir the senses and conjure the rhythms and beauty of the natural world.





An Italian artist living in Wimbledon, Giuseppe comes from Spinazzola, an agrarian community in Puglia.  Around the town, yellow wheat fields stretch for miles.  


Having lived and painted all over the world – absorbing colours and styles from countries as different as Japan, Venezuela and Australia – Giuseppe has finally settled in England.  But every year, in the hottest weeks of summer, he returns to Spinazzola, the home of his ancestors.


Based in a disused farmhouse, Giuseppe works alone in the haze and the heat, exploring the jagged natural shapes of harvested wheat fields and pushing colours to their limits.  His affection for the landscape of his youth is expressed through vibrant, searing reds and yellows.


He paints, quickly under blistering sun, simple acrylic sketches on paper.  Then he returns to his Wimbledon studio to simplify and abstract the images, using oil on canvas.  Most of the finished paintings serve as inspiration for later screen-prints, ending in this way the cycle from paper to canvas and back to paper.  



Born in 1972, Claire followed her art foundation course in Cheltenham with a degree in Fine Art at Reading University.  After moving to London in 1995, she worked briefly in the film industry and later became an art consultant advising clients and commissioning other artists for a wide variety of projects. During this time she continued to paint at every opportunity.


In 2002, Claire moved to South Africa in order to pursue a career as a full time artist and get closer to one of her major sources of inspiration: wildlife.


Claire’s interest in film and photography is integral to her work, demonstrated by her use of panoramic shapes capturing snapshots of movement and her raw and vividly cropped compositions. Landscapes are intentionally excluded, while the sun on the dried salt lakes and dunes of Namibia, or the enormous skies of Kenya, are intimated either by pronounced shadows or the scale of the wildlife within the canvas.  She combines traditional painting and glazing techniques with an unorthodox use of colour to give the work a dynamic and contemporary feel.


Claire lives and works in London, with a studio in Earlsfield. She is now achieving recognition for her portraits and is frequently commissioned.  She has a P.G.C.E. in Art and Design and also teaches classes regularly at Hampstead Fine Arts College.Insert body text here ...




Bill Bate was born in 1962 and studied at the Central School of Art, gaining a Fine Art Degree. He has been painting for 20 years and during that time has developed a striking and dramatic style based on the human form.

His paintings are concerned with powerful opposites creating potently atmospheric pieces that are emotionally charged. His use of colour and movement, embodies the complexities and excitement, as well as the violence and tenderness of the human experience.

The passionate and curiously spiritual aspect of his work lends great elegance and power, demanding instant response and later, gentle contemplation to fully appreciate the inherent beauty of the work.